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For Black History Month, Precious Cargo Doula Services, LLC will be introducing a new candle scent, I AM A MAN!

It has been 53+ years since the ugly Memphis sanitation workers’ strike that led to MLK’s assassination. This is where the country first saw the "I AM A MAN" picket signs.

This scent is for those who still fight 53+ years later, to be recognized as a man. To get more information on the history of the Memphis Sanitations Workers' Strike visit the link below....

The nation has been going through unprecedented times. We've watched our capitol be taken over by domestic terrorists. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time in our state that we witnessed this domestic violence. It was the only successful coup d'état in the history of the United States and a story of racial terror largely obscured from the annals of American history.

In 1898, a group of white vigilantes—angry and fearful at the newly elected biracial local government—joined forces with area militias to rain terror on Wilmington, North Carolina, then the South’s most progressive Black-majority city. If we don't know our past, we won't understand the present, and will fail to plan for the future. Visit the link below to find out more so this history won't repeat itself.

Photos of the aftermath of the 1898 Wilmington, North Carolina coup and massacre. (1) Co-instigator Alfred M. Waddell, who promised before the coup to 'choke the current of the Cape Fear River' with black bodies; after the coup, he had himself installed as mayor; (2) Manhattan Park, where a white mob shot a group of Black Wilmingtonians; (3) Fourth and Harnett Streets in Wilmington, where first Black men fell; (4) E.G. Parmalee, who took over as chief of police after the coup; (5) Vigilantes stand outside the wrecked remains of the black 'Daily Record' newspaper building.

Library of Congress/Corbis/VCG/Getty Images

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