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Free Consultation 

Join me for a sit down and tell me your vision of your ideal birth experience. 

Phone & Email Support 

I am always available if you have a quick question or concern. I am only one call away!

Prenatal Visits 

One to two visits before the birth to determine your birth preferences and desired comfort measures. This will help with the birth plan. 

Professional Information 

I am a DONA Certified Doula. I have been practicing since 2016.

Precious Cargo
As a Doula, I  Do Not:

During labor 

You will have continuous support at home, hospital, or birthing center from the time active labor begins (or earlier at your request) through birth.

Perform any clinical tasks

We will leave that to the MDs and Midwives.

Baby’s first feeding Support 

You will have support during your first feeding. Doula will not leave your side until the first feeding has been had. 

Postpartum follow-up visit 

This visit will focus on the well being of the mother and baby once they are transitioned back home. We can discuss challenges and achievements,as well as, provide any resources you may need. 

Community Referrals

With a list of over 45 resources right here in the Triad, if we don't KNOW it we can find it OUT!

Make decisions for you 

I am only here to educate, every decision you make will be that of your own. 

Speak to the staff on your behalf

I can translate the "doctor terms" but I cannot speak on your behalf. 

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

Your baby, your birth experience. 

Pregnant belly

The Precious
Cargo Package

Experience the journey of childbirth with confidence and personalized care through our comprehensive Precious Cargo Package. This all-encompassing package is designed to provide support at every stage, offering flexibility with 4 visits that can be either prenatal or postpartum, dedicated labor & birth support, and the creation of a custom birth plan.




Placenta Encapsulation Services 

Transform the journey of childbirth into a personalized wellness experience with our exclusive Placenta Encapsulation Service. At Precious Cargo, we understand the significance of this sacred organ, and we're dedicated to supporting mothers in harnessing its potential benefits.



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Baby's Grasp

The Express Doula Package

Introducing our Express Package, a streamlined and supportive option designed for those seeking continuous guidance and care throughout labor and delivery. With 2 visits, continuous support during the birthing process, and a personalized birth plan, our Express Package ensures you are surrounded by compassionate care, allowing you to embrace the birthing experience in a way that feels right for you.



House call.png

Precious Cargo's House Call

Have a question about your pregnancy? Don't understand the doctor's orders? Need to vent? 

Precious Cargo Doula Services is now offering in-depth consultations!



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Baby Sleeping

The Dreamy Package

This package includes one 9-hour overnight postpartum doula shift, starting at bedtime and ending in the morning. During the night the doula will care for baby and even do some light housekeeping! The doula follows all instructions given by parent and assists in bottle feeding and breastfeeding. 



Best Value

"Bundle" of Joy Package



Looking for an all inclusive package with a discount! We got you covered!

Valid for 3 months

"Bundle" of Joy Package

Precious Cargo Consultaion

1:1 Private Childbirth Education Virtual

The Precious Cargo Package

Placenta Encapsulation

We now offer childbirth education classes!
  • In-Person Group 4-Week Series
  • In-Person Group Weekend Intensive
  • In-Person Private 1:1 4-Week Series 
  • Virtual Private 1:1 4-Week Series

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