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Our Winter Miracle Baby

In the final month of 2018, a special gift arrived weighing 7 lbs. 8oz. His conception was a surprise, so of course, his introduction into the world would be one too. Here's the background story. We'll call our new friend, "Baby D". Baby D was conceived after his mother's tubes were tied 2 years prior. Mommy was really worried and because of past birth experiences, she wanted Baby D's birth to be extremely stress-free. That's when she called Precious Cargo Doula Services to help. Mommy and Daddy wanted to go the natural way and use little to no medications during labor and delivery. And Baby D and Mommy did just that!

On a cold winter morning, about two days before a foot of snow fell in Greensboro, NC. Ms. Precious loaded up her car and headed to Women's Hospital. Mommy was in some pain, but she bared the pain without medication. Once we got closer to Baby D's debut, the pain grew. Mommy started to ask for the epidural. Ms. Precious could see from the monitor that the contractions were coming back to back. She knew it was GO TIME! In one last attempt to keep the mother's wishes alive, she went to the nurse's station to ask for another exam to see how far dilated Mommy was. The nurse came into the room to do one last exam before she was to administer an epidural. Mommy moaned her way through the pain and the nurse explained to the family that the water had not broke yet and wasn't sure what she was feeling. As she was stating those words Mommy's water broke. You could see the determination in her eyes. She was ready and so was the baby!

The nurse performed another exam and realized Mommy was 9 cm dilated! The nurse called the delivery team in. Mommy's natural instinct told her to start pushing, and that's what she did. The team couldn't get the supplies together in time enough before Baby D joined the world. As soon as Ms. Precious could hold Mommy's leg up amniotic sack fluid shot out and Baby D slid out. Eyes open ready to question the world. Baby D's delivery is one that won't be forgotten. Baby D immediately received skin to skin contact and his cord was clamped and cut after some time passed. Mommy didn't have to have an episiotomy or stitches. Baby D's arrival was what Mommy wanted. And Precious Cargo was happy to help!

P.S Daddy was super excited to play with Baby D's placenta and was amazed at how Mommy was giving Baby D nutrients for the past 9 months.


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